Erik Sachse
Type and graphic design. Based in Weimar. Studying visual communication at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.

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*new* Starla Geometric Sans Typeface
I don't feel comfortable reading this.
Ilene Geometric Sans Typeface
Oh, that's nice.
LaFawnduh Monospace Typeface
Why are you so sweaty?
Uncle Rico Sans Typeface
We need like some name tags with our picture on it, all laminated and what not. I mean, we gotta look legit man.
Summer Geometric Sans Typeface
Vote for Summer!
Poster for lecture series at the Bauhaus-Uni Weimar

Poster and website for Projektil Festival 2017

Poster for Summaery 2017 at the Bauhaus University Weimar
Website for Marcus Glahn
Musicvideo for sidi
Poster for Sommernachtstape 2017
Website for Die Zwillingsnadeln
Smartphone presentation for Graphic-Design class
Poster for Technoparty
Responsible for content: Erik Sachse